photography, poetry and design

Why Knot Design


In between where pixies dance and angels come to sing
Is a place where I must earn my wings
Spinning and whirling which way does the world turn
Living and dying will I be reborn or burn

Touch me can’t you feel my heart pounding
Kiss me my lips sweetly glisten for yours

I have heard you in a dream taking me there
In a river of truth I poured into the ocean

Sin breaking along the baron stones
In your voice I felt a powerful position
I felt a life ending a resurrection beginning
Awakening awareness to a spiritual new height

Rushing in came the words of so many others
The search for one man in his solitude
Imagination of creative critical overload
The rules left to be challenged and tried

Mother Nature asked to offer her nurturing
Father time stood silently watching the world
Battles fought everlasting new souls in play
It’s amazing the transformation of those saved

Take a magic carpet ride through the corridors of my mind
No forward no backward just new memories you may find
Boundaries are only set by how far you’re willing to go
Only to be stopped by what you don’t want to know

Richard Joseph Yessian