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Why Knot Design

Artist Revised

Somewhere in between where pixies dance and angels come to sing
I was caught awake living in a dream
Opening up thoughts I drifted like a breeze
That is when I felt you, you shook me to my knees
That is when I felt you inside of me

I prayed take this cancer from my soul
Bring me the pieces that will make me whole
Hey you stimulate my mind
Showing me answers I never thought I’d find

You came to me knowing I always searched for you
Let me see the miracles in everything we do
Broken falling to my knees
Feel the reflections in our hands
Scarlet footprints across the land

Did my mind cause it to happen in these pieces of time

Free spirit have you come to take me home
Free spirit would you throw this dog a bone
Would you wash the blood and sin from my hands
Could you spread your wings and let the truth be known

Richard Joseph Yessian II