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I’ve never seen you but I’ve seen your son
To survive what he did he must be a chosen one
There were two presences’ there that day
One would live while the other three paid

Was it necessary that their blood be shed
Was it a christening upon his head
He hid in silent prayer he was only a boy
Blood lines that could not be destroyed

From beneath the house he crawled
To find father, mother and sister mauled
He wouldn’t forget the life they saved
With bear hands he dug their graves

Oh grandpa is this the way it was meant to be
Our people dying in our small country
You were forced to become a man that day  
Only time left to run no time left to play

And God ran right with you by your side
And in your mind he kept our family alive
Took your savior’s yoke it was yours to bare
With Armenian pride it was yours to wear

Your whole family could night die in vain
In your thoughts the family has remained
You left this world long before I grew
Leaving a wife knowing all that you knew

You died when I was too young to understand
Your genes leaving fingerprints on my hands
So many paths have been lost and left behind
As I look for the pieces they are hard to find

Oh grandpa will you always walk by my side
In the footprints that let me crawl with pride
I cried on your sleeve a babe with no shame
I cried in your shadow a man with my pain

You took to the deserts in a time not to long ago
I fled to the mountains when I needed to know
Our beliefs kept us together generations apart
Where you left off is where I must start

We have both lived our stories of the road
God bears witness of our saga to be told
I know where you sleep and where you live
I only regret I couldn’t take all you could give

Richard Joseph Yessian