Why Knot Design

photography, poetry and design


I hear armies marching to seconds on a clock
As minutes come to pass soldiers come to die
Sands in a glass the children wonder why
Rain falling from heaven tears filling loved ones eyes

Can you make sense of the insanity we try to understand
Why do brothers kill each other in distant lands
Leaving mothers to raise children without their husband’s hand
When will the madness end
When will time heal us again

How will siblings play where their fathers died
I want to know, I am afraid to sin, will darkness ever end

Flowers grow where blood stained the earth
Trampled by a soldiers boot; one shot ending all his dreams
Can’t you see children what your fathers have done
Can you understand broken sister of the anger that destroys your man
When will it end----------When will it end
When will family let children love again

Richard Joseph Yessian