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You look at me with those sparkling eyes
Finer than champagne I got so high
Did you know me from another life
Did you come to me to be my wife

I didn't even know your name
Something's are so strange
Was there champagne in your glass
A sparkling mist of your past

I found you drinking inside of him
Jumped right in and took a swim
He is your is your savoir
He is my god

Frosted bubbling in my glass
I took a second drink of your past
Saw right through you saw your mask

Saw Jesus in you saw god at last

Glistening teardrops splashing in my cup
Took another look and then I reached up
Rain falling from the fathers' eyes
Opening up they filled the skies

And I sat and wondered why
As I turned I began to cry
It wasn't fear it wasn't pain
I was finally free of my chains

Thank you father thank you son
Thank you spirit we've just begun
I see heaven everywhere now
I see miracles that have been done

Richard Joseph Yessian