Why Knot Design


Where are you going my chosen one
I saw you there staring in the sun
Why do you try to change your destiny
Was it something you said to me

I have seen you before me in a blinding light
A dream staying with me beyond the night
Doors opening up the secrets of my mind

I have heard your voice in an awakening

Carrying me away to where I've never been
Letting me see what I have never seen

I have lived and died three days for you

Sometimes I wish I could just let go
Of the dreams I had just yesterday
They crept into my presence and a future I don't know

As my thoughts call out to me
I don't know where I need to go
The pictures are vague I can't hear my words
My hand reaches up for you

The lines of my palms run deep

‚Äčphotography, poetry and design