Why Knot Design

‚Äčphotography, poetry and design


Were you ready when I reached out my hand
Let you know it was time to be a man
You wondered and believed if it was true
The one I was looking for was you

So I asked come to the mountains
With no identity with no name
Bringing with you only your guilt and shame
Take the shoes from your feet
Take the shirt off your back
Come to me naked come to me alone
And if you do these things
I will bring you home

I spoke to you in your body
That you would know my words
And you shouted in your pain
I answered with the silence you heard

Why were you here broken on these stones
And I gave you the gift you wanted as a boy
The unconditional love the blissful joy
And you returned with emptiness in you hands
But inside you all the gifts I had planned

Richard Joseph Yessian