photography, poetry and design

Why Knot Design


My hands are the brushes that I use to paint you
Each finger a bristle tracing different lines
Your skin is a canvas milky and white
As I shade you with wine you are quiet and still

Watching as the tapestry unfolds in my eyes
Glistening red tear drops splashing across my mind
Burgundy and Chablis I now taste your sculpture

Having chipped away the surface you are as you are
Like the facets of diamonds feel my breath
Candles flickering reflections of my memories
You are my life my drink my dream my food

Whispers play with the breeze teasing the flame
Finished before I began how we love to play
Arms entwined chests rising and falling as one
What shall be the truth when it all washes away
As an ocean spills forth from the emotions inside
Will one or both drown in a sea of uncertainty

Now the dawn breaks it is time for good bye
A world outside calls and from this slumber I wake
Someday you will see me dancing fire upon my fingertips
Some day you will watch me playing shadows upon the wall
…Perhaps not, but the cloak of night is always mine
… Perhaps not but this daydream is still forever yours

Richard Joseph Yessian II
Aka: Anastasia Whyalee Kyotee