Why Knot Design

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I remember living in a world
When I thought you were so brave
I remember it like yesterday
When you cried at grandpas' grave

What was it that he meant to you
The things you wouldn't give to me
I remember it like yesterday
When you cried for me

I bought your secure world
Tumbling down upon your feet
The spaces in between
Were places we couldn't meet

I never understood your silence
Cutting the family like a knife
Ripping apart your children and wife

So I went to Brewster to grandpas' grave
Knelt by the headstone and began to pray
Bought you a bowl of pistachios
I knew you liked those nuts
Bought some gifts to represent my love
And I received yours from up above

An apple for your aging wife
Three oranges for the children of your life
I hoped there would be answers for me there
It was you me and god that autumn day
And I lay down beside your grave

I heard you did the church lurch
I know what it is to feel that way
How such love scares Satan away
I've done my own lurching
In my own splendid way

Richard Joseph Yessian