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Half Naked Man

I was in my passion running scared
Places I went most wouldn't dare
I laughed at death without a care
Could any understand a man so aware

My feet wrapped in blood and dirt
With life I would always flirt
Half-naked man on a mountain
Searching for truth like a lion
Could it be this was my Mt. Zion

Weary man upon the earth
In a new life receiving birth
Half-naked man upon the mountain

As I climbed I began to reel in pain
And with my screams came a silent rain
Nothing to lose so much to gain
Riding each moment like a runaway train

I began to wonder where I had been
To see the signs that I have seen
Then my voice rang out like thunder
What was this spell that I was under
Lightning filled the night with wonder
Taking my beliefs now torn asunder
Who was this half-naked man upon the mountain

As I moved my hands covered in clay
I closed my eyes and reached into yesterday
Who was I to keep danger at bay
Could anyone see how I owned today
Soul shining in the man on the mountain

Stained with the past I reached up
Drinking tears poured from the holy cup
I thought I must be surely nuts
Was my blood my dirt my rain enough

Richard Joseph Yessian