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Why Knot Design


Once I heard the angels sing
And I believed my dreams were real
I ran away from here
To be alone with you

My tears came from another pool
And I drowned in your love
I saw through the sun    
I knew you were the only one

You, you let me bleed
Falling down to my knees
You, you let me drink
From the grail that was inside of me

And I was filled with your peace
Flew, flew from this place
Didn't look behind
For the answers I wanted to find

I was lost then I was found
What you showed me
Turned me upside down
Then I fell from this plain

My sins washed in your rain
Yea you wouldn't let me die
I saw the truth in this psychotic high

So as I fall so deep
Through the veil I passed
I forgot it all
Please don't come I am sleeping now
Coming home to your door
It is time I leave again    
Looking through the window
I see my time has passed
Never knew how much I loved you
Till you left my grasp
And the rain weeps gently

Richard Joseph Yessian