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I was on my way to Brewster
When I saw you sitting there
I sign in your hand
North two eighty seven
So I pulled over and offered you a ride
How far are you going stranger
I don't think it will be out of my way
And we ate bananas and nuts
And spoke of our faith in god
You were on your way to see your family
And a grandson you never met
So I took you to Mass.
Two hundred miles out of my way
So Harry how did it go that trip
Drinking from the same bottle
It was a sweet taste on our lips
So I said good bye
It was nice to share your life

And I drove two hundred miles the other way
Wondering what was it that happened to me today
How I keep meeting gods children along the way
How yesterday keeps slipping into today
Stories smiles and rainbows on the highway
Your name was Harry the same as grandpa
Was it coincidence or synchronicity
It was all so wonderful to me
So mysterious to see
Hope you found home that day
No more long nights on the road
We could have driven for days
We both had so much to say
Glad you were to share the ride with me
Glad you were there to witness for me

Richard Joseph Yessian II