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I Haven’t Got a Clue

I like to play with fire
Even though I always get burned
I always listened to the lecture
Even though I never learned

You want to teach me something
Don’t you see I’m challenging you
You say you’ve got the answers
I say I haven’t got a clue

I like to swim in emotions
Even though I always drown
I always walk on the edge
Even though it’s so far down

I had to let you break my heart
To make sure I was alive
I had to test my mortality
To see if I was afraid to die

So you think I’m crazy
That I should be more like you
You think you have the answers
I still haven’t got a clue

I let you have your opinion
Why can’t I have mine
I never step out of my bounds
You say I’ve crossed the line

We were children together
Back then with the same views
You have all the answers now
I’m still looking for the clues

I needed to crawl through hell
To get to heavens door
I needed to poison my soul
To see if there was a cure

Why do you think I’m lost
That I should follow you
That you have all the answers
That I haven’t got a clue

RJY???  1994