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Why Knot Design


Shaken by fear they shiver in the night
Icicles formed by winter they grow so strong
Shadowed by emptiness the thaw is long
Time seems to end where bewilderment begins

If you don't stay long you will never learn
Just think how to one day to awaken
To see your life has been mistaken
In a new life receiving birth

With my screams came a silent rain
I began to wonder where I had been
To see the signs I have seen
I closed my eyes reaching into yesterday
Stained with the past I reached up
Drinking tears poured from the holy cup

I saw you staring in the son
A dream staying with me beyond the night
You never knew me but you touched my life
How many times will I die before you let me in
How many times will I live in you when I'm born again

If you felt my pain could you be my melody
If I could make you understand
Would you be a voice for me
If I said I loved you would you believe
I was down on my knees knowing what it was to grieve
I was down on my knees knowing what it was to believe

Richard Joseph Yessian II