photography, poetry and design

Why Knot Design

Inside my mind

Take a magic carpet ride through my maze
Take a ride without your reality holding on
Flying inside out secrets leave you dazed
Having nothing really they're feeling dazed

I am asking you to ride inside my mind
What would you ask you don't want to hear
Could the distance in these words drive us near
Paths long since uncovered from a bed of leaves
Thoughts so intricate you didn't believe
Hang on tight there is always another turn
If you don't stay long will you ever learn
Just think how too one day awaken
To see your life has been mistaken
No longer a mere mortal man
Imagine what someone else might understand
Pains felt so deeply by spirits breath
Would going even deeper bring death

Homeless Shelter

When your winter is cold and filled with gray it's hard to look forward to newer days. Time seems to end where bewilderment begins. So many roads to take in ones life, sometimes so sharp they cut like a knife. I can't seem to write anymore this shell feels so empty the heart beats slow. I sit in a broken chair at a table that wobbles surrounded by men and women that have been broken. Should I write or think? I am not so sure. Time seems to be an enemy, a turnkey so slow. When will I pass my next test?

Don't ever close your thoughts to me
Because then you close the doors
Ones that might never reopen
Ones that might lock forever in our hearts
Only truth and love can keep them open
Care enough to hold the key
Love enough to use the key
For if doubt is hidden behind these doors
Or silent pain hidden by their shadows
The heart will grow heavy
And it will surely way you down

So I talked to God the other day
He said follow I will lead the way
Is this so hard to see
So many say they do but don't believe
Never have I lived far from the son
Barefoot-in' with the devil on my heals

How I hoped to be master of my destiny, without pieces of you I am incomplete. Some pieces are in each other's hands…. Something's we never understand. Others have been scattered in distant lands. I find pieces scattered through our lives, people trying to force them together to make the puzzle whole. I am a piece changing when you bring me in but inside my puzzle was finished long ago.

Richard Joseph Yessian