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Why Knot Design


I don't understand your plan for me
The reason I feel these ways
Is it because I want to put her first
The way I feel these things
Like a  storm she has come into my life
Taking all that’s wrong taking all that’s right
She didn't speak many words her silence filled the room
She spoke to me through her eyes and I was raised from the gloom
So I took the time to know her
And her stories of the road
Testing me with sincerity
To see if I would explode
She does white magic
I feel its presence in my life
I asked of you once
You said take her as your wife
Yet I was a fool and denied you
Because she still kept me away
I made sure in my uncertainty
That her path led another way
Please forgive to you and unto her
For my lack of faith
So I see I have reaped my own sorrow
And I pray  

Richard Joseph Yessian