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Why Knot Design

Let The Children Lead

I have come to know the children
Through the spirit inside of me
Thoughts filled with fiction scholars teach us bliss
Answers shrouded in mysteries
I know the time is near
 Open your mind so you may see beyond
Open your hearts so you can find the way
I hear the lambs singing sweet melodies to you
Mapping out the journey that lies ahead
So many are lost let youth light the days
To be so simple confuses the teachers
They are busy looking the other way
Living in your heart I will always be home
Sleeping in your dreams I will never be alone
Father your kingdom awaits
Rivers swelled with rain
Do not doubt like the waves tossed in the sea
Chariots shall burn in the fire
Of wisdom that rests tonight
The god of Jacob shall be my only refugee
And as the waning moments fade into comfort
Know that I am in my father as he is inside of me

Richard Joseph Yessian II