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Looking For @&?

Didn't want much but to believe
To understand the love that was meant to be
I heard your voice in a child's breath
I saw your dream in an amaryllis death

Why did you let them punish me
Their needles and drugs were so stifling
I left my life to search for you

It was an awakening into a dream

Taking me places I've never been
Showing me secrets not many have seen
I found all the confusion twisted so sweet

Running through the mountains
Barefoot upon jagged stones
Trying to get closer to what I've never known

Sometimes I want to scream for you
But know that this I can't do
For those who are afraid will come crashing down
 Turning an innocent mans world upside down

Hold me in your thoughts so I will always be
Take nothing except that which sets you free

I walked many miles to get back home to you
Aching feet upon the land something sacred in my hands
The voices inside my head are those of many men

Richard Joseph Yessian II