Why Knot Design

photography, poetry and design


  Welcome to the Why Knot Club??? uninc. I have always been a

member, I just didn't know it yet. The founding principle is "Love

your neighbor as yourself." Love your self as yourself.

Love your neighbor whether they are a friend or

an enemy. A neighbor can be half a world away. An enemy can be

someone as close as Lucifer the fallen angel. At some point I have

to choose something to believe in. This can be God or the big bang

theory and everything in-between. From the stars to the rain, from 

the   mountains to the sea, from an elephant to a flea. We are


connected to everything.

For me I chose a God that believes in me.  Whether   I  believe

 in creation or the big bang, we all come from the same                

  point and always existed. We are all related no matter belief,

, shape, color, location or sex. We are all beautifhul.

We are one of a kind and lack nothing. The goal of The Why Knot

Club??? uninc. is to strive for peace whether it is within you or in the

world..Brothers and sisters may all your dreams be realized. 

In his grip.