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Ponderings of the Psychobabbler

In my dreams I’m somewhere else
I haven’t changed I’m still myself
No need for masks no need for pain
Nobody lies nobody blames
And all my truth is now my gold
Yet there is nothing to be bought or sold
Through the fire through the rain
My soul is free of guilt and shame
Who is this ghost in my mind
Comes to me in my sleep
Where the waters run deep
Where peace isn’t hard to find
Can I tear down the walls
Housing an angel fortified inside

The sun burns off the night to start another day
Brining me closer to a dream that won’t fade away

Sometimes I stare in my eyes and try to understand
I look in my palms and see my father’s hands
Can I buy that one-way ticket to the promise land
Is there really consciousness in a grain of sand

Dancing in the shadows silhouettes upon the wall
Saw crosses upside down someone looking for something never found
Why did you take the time to dream? Why are you afraid to scream?

Your salvation is today the same time as yesterday
Every time you think you have it, it’s just as easily taken away
Every time that tomorrow comes is a chance to go another way

Like a buoy in the ocean crying out with each ripple
Bells straining please set me free
Anchored forced to bear the brunt of every storm
Waiting alone for every vessel to avoid

Swaying back and forth the buoy floats alone
Anchored in treachery where freedom has no home
Clanging come close but not to near

Vessels avoid the sound association of fear

Where is the boundary that separates us all
People gathering in masses for some common bond
Yet they don’t mention each other’s forgetfulness
Consumed by materialism they hold on tight
Shaken by fear thy shiver in the night
Icicles formed by winter grow strong
Shadowed by emptiness the thaw is long

Richard Joseph Yessian II