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Why Knot Design


I guess it's time I opened up
Time I let you in
Show you what I know of heaven
Show you what I know of sin
Just open your mind before you condemn
So many books have been written
Explaining how I should be
Experts on psychosis and reality
Preaching some idea of morality
Hey I entertain your thoughts
You'll never brainwash my dreams
Thought I heard you calling
Come be with me
Was afraid to let go
Of this body and eyes that let me see
Admit to yourself your insecurity
You can have everything but my pity
We all know the truth inside
Wanting the same reality
Only one thing separating you and me
Not an ocean not a million miles
Not a second or another year
The most inhibiting of emotions
Separating us all…The power of fear

Richard Joseph Yessian II