Why Knot Design

‚Äčphotography, poetry and design


Driving nowhere slow
I saw three stars start to glow
So I followed them into the night
In the dark without headlights
Something was abuzz
Circling inside my head
Was I alive or was I dead
Didn't matter the road was long
And all I had were your songs
In my mind inside my heart
Brothers and sisters of the night
No one was looking
No one was shining a light
I didn't know whether to go left or right
But every road seemed to take me there
To those three stars glowing in the night
Never got lost never got home
Took a path to me unknown
Didn't know how much I had grown
Those three stars still all alone
So I followed signs others couldn't see
Taking me to the places I wanted to be
Drove till my tank ran out of gas
And I waited by the side of the road
For the next stranger to come my way
His name was Chance
He had some smokes and directions for me
Asked me if this was what it was like to be free
I said I don't know as he started to go
Three stars in the night covered by the sunrise
My body was too weary to rest tears in my eyes
Just another one of Gods tests he's by my side
Now in the daylight it was so easy to hide
Man did I take some kind of ride

Richard Joseph Yessian