Why Knot Design

‚Äčphotography, poetry and design


I have been where not many have seen
In between the heavens and my home
One life to live it's all I have to give
I lay it on the line for you
It's what I love to do
For you have never let me down
You always had time for me
Why did you show me the heavens
Not letting me leave the ground
How many tests to endure before the garden is here

You come to me in a drop of rain
Splashing off my eyes I felt you cry
Never speaking I didn't know why
And so did you christen me or was it only a dream
Beckoning, screaming outstretched hands towards the heavens
If only I could hold you like you do me
If only I could always live such intensity

Thank you for the distractions
Images dancing through my thoughts
Eyes so magical having cast a silent spell
I know nothing of you
And perhaps never will
Yet your aura has captured my dreams
I fell like a child
A warmth I haven't felt in years
And as I wake to walk through reality
Thank you for the distraction

Richard Joseph Yessian II